Saturday, January 10, 2015

Let The Germinations Begin!

Yeah!  All the rose seeds have been planted.  Let the germinations begin!

A lot of work went into getting the seedling beds ready for planting, and then more work in getting all of the seeds planted.  Soon, instead of the "white" of the perlite being the most prominent color in the greenhouse, it will be the "green" of the new rose seedlings.  

The most fun time of the year is about to begin…


  1. Is it solid perlite or does it have some potting soil too?

  2. Hi Aprille, just the top 1/4 inch or so is perlite. The rest is potting mix (see previous post where we are digging out the surviving seedlings from 2014). Mr. Ralph Moore taught me that the dryer surface that perlite provides helps to limit the development of damp off. Rose seedlings are very susceptible to damping off until they develop a woody stem.