Saturday, September 24, 2016

The Blue Rose, it Starts with a Dream

The quest for the blue rose probably began with the first rose hybridizer.  I suspect that each rose breeder since then has wondered whether it would ever be possible.  

During many of my talks with Mr. Ralph Moore, my most important mentor in rose breeding, he would talk about creation having it's origins in God's imagination: that before God created, He first imagined His creation.  Mr. Moore believed that mankind, being created in God's image, naturally needed to use imagination in the same way: that he or she needed to first be able to clearly envision in his or her own mind the thing being made or invented, before they could ever hope for it to happen.

Many rose lovers have voiced that they would not be interested in a blue rose, saying things like, it would be gaudy or unnatural, or that it wouldn't fit in with the landscape.  Whenever I thought of a blue rose, for some reason, I always thought of it being a dark blue color.  In my imagination, a dark blue rose was never as beautiful as a dark red rose.  As such, the quest for the blue rose had never been very strong for me. 

Last night I had a dream about the blue rose.  In my dream it was a light, pure, sky blue color.  It was a true blue rose without any suggestion of lavender.  It was beautiful.  I can imagine it now.  I wonder if it will ever happen.  At least now I can hope!