Saturday, December 24, 2016

Merry Christmas to All! 2016

A taste of our year…

Claire dove into academic and social life at Biola University and is completely happy there. She’s studying chemistry and wishes she had more time to practice surfing.

Silas joined the pastoral staff at RiverLakes Church as the Jr. High Director. He leads worship occasionally and continues his undergrad studies online. 

Carissa landed a great job at Tycor Title helping homebuyers through escrow. 

Nathan works as a high demand private tutor while awaiting his orders from the Air Force. 

Luke has travelled the country with Vivent Technologies. He was able to relocate to North Carolina to be near his girl, Jenni, for part of the year.

Heather teaches Sunday School and volunteers with Children to Love, International.

Jim continues to work at Kaiser Permanente, and helped open a new clinic in Tehachapi.  

This photo was taken in front of Jim’s childhood home in Fairbanks, Alaska! We all tagged along to his 40th high school reunion and saw beautiful places we’ve heard of for so long. 

In the fall Jim and Heather visited Walla Walla, WA to take in the fair and reunite with Heather’s fair court sisters of 1981. It was good to see many loved ones. 

We pray your new year be marked by peace and the hope that comes from God’s goodness!

With Love,

From the Sproul's

Sunday, December 11, 2016

2016 Basye's Second Generation Seedlings

I am surprised at how quickly bloom form and color has improved in just 2 generations from Basye's Thornless (AKA Basye's Legacy and Commander Gillette).  Since Basye's Thornless is a pink, 5-petalled, once blooming rose, I thought that it would be several generations before I would see these sort of offspring.  I am getting fully double blooms, colors other than pink, and some with form.  I'm glad I started using it again!