Sunday, July 30, 2017

Like Menacing Clouds...

Hulthemia petals at 400X seem to forebode stormy weather on the way.

Above are shown the surface cells of a Hulthemia seedling along the junction of the blotch with the rest of the petal.  Some of the cells are very darkly pigmented.

Further from the leading edge of the blotch these deeply pigmented cells (seen at 40X below) may be surrounded by non-blotch cells. 

All of the photos here are of fresh naked petals (no cover slip or preservative was used) to allow for better representation of the surface architecture.  The close-up shots reveal a myriad of color intensities present, reminiscent of a Pointillism work by French artist Seurat.

A more tangential shot of a petal, shown below, is of the Hulthemia seedling described in Heat and Sun Tolerant Blotch.  There is so much texture to the surface that it looks like a million marbles racing down a slope.

Yes, this wannabe botanist scientist is having fun with his new microscope!  :)

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Culling 2017 Seedlings

Culling seedlings, especially later in the season, can be difficult.  Once an unpropagated seedling is culled, it is gone forever.  Since we have been out of town recently, I am quite far behind on my culling.  This seedling was happily blooming yesterday despite the 14 consecutive days of having 100+ºF temperatures.  I don't think that it will be culled anytime soon.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Heat and Sun Tolerant Blotch

I've been keeping an "eye" on this new 2016 seedling while it has continued to develop outside the greenhouse this summer into something interesting.  It is exhibiting one of the best heat tolerant blotches that I have seen.  An added bonus is that it seems quite floriferous. 

The photo below was taken yesterday on the eleventh consecutive day where the temperature achieved 100ºF, or hotter, with nighttime temperatures in the 70's to 80's range during the period.

The photos directly below are of the same seedling taken on June 20th when the temperature reached 110ºF.  However, since on the week prior we had had nighttime temperatures down into the mid 60's, I was uncertain whether the blotch would continue to do well after an extended period of very warm nighttime and daytime temperatures.  I now have the answer!