Saturday, July 9, 2016

New Pollen Parents for 2016

The pollinations are all finished for the year (finished by the end of May).  Even so, I wanted to highlight a couple of new seedlings that were brought into the breeding program this year.  R241-1, a mini, is the first one shown below.  It was a new seedling in 2014 and comes from a cross of O352 X 'Blue For You'.  You can see images of O352 in a prior post: Hulthemia Fertility - Update on Seedling "O352".  Even though the blotch is not as heat stable as the seed parent's, I feel very lucky to have discovered this seedling.  It seems to have picked up excellent disease resistance from 'Blue For You'.  I used it only as a pollen parent this year, but am pleased to find that it is also setting lots of OP hips.  I will check it's germination rate next spring and if satisfactory, will use it as a seed parent next year.

The next seedling was also used as a pollen parent this year in hopes of getting some better bright colored Hulthemias.  This one carries the code name "Q195-3" and was a new seedling in 2013.  It is the product of two of my Hulthemia seedlings and has 'First Impression' in it's lineage.  It is a floribunda vs. a "shrub" rose. 

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Saturday, July 2, 2016

2016 Pollen Cups

Prior to this year, I have reused my pollen cups for many years.  When I found them in bulk this year on Amazon, I thought "why not splurge and buy some?"  So instead of washing out all of the old pollen from the cups this year, I will be putting them into the recycling bin.  The list of pollens used this year continues onto the back of the sheet of paper seen below.

These new cups should last me awhile…..