Sunday, January 25, 2015

Hardwood Rose Cuttings Experiment

I had never taken such late softwood cuttings for mist propagation as I did this last September.  The cuttings were placed under mist on September 29, 2014.  Below they are shown with evidence of excellent rooting when I pulled them out for transplanting into pots 2 days ago.

So, I thought, if roses can propagate this well under mist late in the year, I wonder if I can propagate hardwood cuttings under mist in the wintertime.  It is fairly easy to get hardwood rose cuttings to root outdoors in the wintertime in our climate, but you have to wait until the following winter to dig them up for transplanting.  If they root well under mist, I should be able to transplant them in early summer from the plug trays.  I had an unused tray on the misting table that I decided to use today.  I ignored the moss growing on the surface of several of the cells and just pushed the cuttings in.  I will report on the outcome of this experiment in a later post…


  1. Good luck! I've had a good percentage of hardwood cuttings root for me in winter. I think I had about 90% last year. I don't have a mister. But I put empty water bottles over them. I have found that winter cuttings take way longer to root than warm weather cuttings.

  2. Thanks Aprille! Yah, I've had pretty good luck outside in winter like they do in Wasco with hardwood cuttings, but thought that I would try them in a flat under periodic misting. I'm hoping it works so that I can transplant some of these by early May into larger pots.