Saturday, June 22, 2013

A Reverse Blotch?

I have never seen it, but have kept my eyes opened for a Hulthemia seedling showing the blotch on the petal reverse.  Is it possible?

Nearly always, the petal reverse on Hulthemias is lighter than the petal upper surface.  Rarely, I have seen a darker reverse, but never a blotch on the reverse.

In the photo below, it appears that there is some of the blotch showing through.  Is this sufficient evidence that a reverse blotch is possible?  Probably not.  Nevertheless, I will remain on the lookout.  I think that a cut flower type rose would look extremely interesting with a reverse blotch on the outside part of the petals.

The petals in the next photo are from what is probably the best 'Double Knock Out' Hulthemia seedling that I have had so far.  It appears extremely clean, sets hips well and germinates well.  I am hoping to move this along in crosses to produce better cleanliness and better blotch conformation. 


  1. I was on Heirloom roses the other day and saw eyeconic sold out. Every time I see your post I think of your lovely rose. I will have to buy it this fall...

  2. Hi Janie,

    Thank you! I hope that you are able to get one.