Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Improving on 'Eyeconic Lemonade'

'Eyeconic Lemonade' is my favorite of our Hulthemias that have been released so far to the market.  I like it's color, habit and fragrance.  That being said, it could use some improvements.  Though it is fairly floriferous, the plant is never completely covered in blooms.  This is because the blooms do not last very long.  Although the fresh blooms look quite nice, they fade fairly quickly on the 2nd day, and then begin to shatter on the 3rd day.  Also, the blotch is not as large as I would like.  Seen below is 'Eyeconic Lemonade' with a more recent seedling that exhibits a deeper yellow color and a larger blotch.  It also holds onto it's petals longer so that there are more blooms on the bush to present a better display.

But that seedling is not my current favorite yellow Hulthemia.  My favorite is the one shown in the photo below.

The blooms on this one are a bit larger and hold their color the best.  But wouldn't you know it, it is growing in a 7 gallon pot with two of it's sister seedlings, and none of them are marked with identifying information, so I do not know it's parentage.  I am hoping that this winter when I separate the seedlings and replant them that I will find an identification tag.

This seedling is seen again below with one of its' sister seedlings.  Blotch size varies significantly among seedlings from the same cross and is often absent in many of them.


  1. One of my wife's friends loves both Lemonade and Pink Lemonade. Every time she's over she will swipe a few flowers so she can press them a book and waxed paper. My personal favorite of yours is Thrive!

  2. Hi! I have two questions...

    1) Is there a list somewhere of all of the roses you've bred and released to the market? I couldn't find anything on your blog, though I did manage to track down the Eyeconic series through some intensive Googling.

    2) Are any of your roses available (or will they be) to purchase in the UK? Unfortunately, it looks like everything here is tied up in Eyes for You and Alissar-- can't find the Eyeconics at all.

    Beyond that though, I am majorly coveting 0352, your Thrive!'s mother X Double Knock Out cross, the last two seedlings from your April 21st post,... well, the list goes on and on!

    I especially love the ones with stand-out anthers, double-coloured blotches (a yellow around the red blotch against a coral-pink backdrop, or a white inner circle before the dark pink blotch against a pale-pink backdrop), and those where the blotches play a supporting role to the other stand-out features of the rose, such as your Double Knock Out cross mentioned above or some of the English rose attempts you've posted.

    Suffice it to say, I'm very much enjoying your blog and thank you for posting!

  3. Hi Jeff, thank you for your comments about 'Thrive!'. It has been a very good rose to use in breeding other new roses, but has been best as a pollen parent for me. Some of the mini Hulthemias will lend themselves well to pressing/drying. Hopefully, some of them will be released in the next couple of years.

    Hi C. Dove, Actually, I haven't thought about a list. I am not aware that one exists, but HelpMeFind has most of them listed under "Breeders" section. Search for "Sproul" and then choose the "plants bred" tab. I am not aware if there are any roses available yet in the UK, but hopefully soon! Thank you for your very kind comments.