Sunday, July 7, 2013

2013 'Darlow's Enigma' Seedlings

Last year I was so impressed with the open pollinated seedlings that were produced from 'Darlow's Enigma' that I made several hundred crosses using it both ways, as a seed and as a pollen parent.  I found that it cooperates much better as a seed parent.  The majority of the crosses using it as a pollen parent failed, however, there were a few that produced seedlings that were clearly from 'Darlow's Enigma'.  The first seedling shown below is one from such a cross.  This was from "L56-1" X 'Darlow's Enigma'.  "L56-1" is a seedling of 'Thrive!'.  This photo of the young seedling is a bit washed out, but it does hint at this seedling's floriferous potential (one of the main traits for which I am most interested in using 'Darlow's Enigma').

Of course I used it predominantly in crosses with mixed Hulthemia pollen.  There are about 15 or so that I am still watching, but the three below are a few of my favorites.  The first is special because of the size and intensity of the blotch.  Unfortunately it is also very thorny (as are most of the ones coming from the mixed Hulthemia pollen crosses).

The next one has a smaller blotch, but is quite vigorous and floriferous, and has the fewest thorns of this group.  It's blotch will be larger and more intense when it matures.  Overall, it is my favorite of the 'Darlow's Enigma' seedlings from this year.

The last seedling, though coming from a cross using mixed Hulthemia pollen, has no blotch.  However, the first time that I saw it bloom I knew that I would have to let it mature to see how it performs as a grown-up seedling.  The petals have almost a glowing quality to them.  It will be interesting to see whether this characteristic is preserved when grown outdoors.


  1. Hi, I'm Matteo from Bologna(Italy)and i'm 23yo. I'm starting this year to hybridize roses and i wanted to write you a mail to ask some things but i couldn't find your mail. My mail is (without xx, just to avoid spam). If you could contact me by mail i'd be really grateful.

  2. Love the last's lovely...I have a feeling that the pic doesn't do it justice.

  3. Hi Jim you have already seen live the symptoms of Rose Rosette Deases?

  4. Hi Matteo, I have sent you an email. Rose hybridizing is a most enjoyable hobby. I will be happy to answer your questions.

    Hi Janie, Thank you for your comments. Photography is never as good as the real thing!

    Hi Luigi, I have seen photos of RRD virus, but fortunately have not had any roses with the disease. Yes, I know that R. multiflora types are most susceptible, however, I really enjoy this type of rose so have decided to "take my chances" breeding with 'Darlow's Enigma'.


  5. I love the single seedling of Darlow's Enigma, it resembles a hibiscus!

  6. I bought an eyeconice lemon yellow, trying to find information on how I can overwinter for PNW zone 7. It is a standard, so I am not familiar with how to overwinter this type of rose. We get the odd -17C some winters.