Sunday, May 14, 2017

Happy Mothers Day!

This is directed especially and foremost to my Mom, Shirley Bade Sproul.  Happy Mothers Day!!  Thank you for your strength, love and determination for all of these years.  I love you!

Celebrating too this day with my wife, Heather Sproul, for her love and dedication to our children.  I love you!

And, thankful for my sisters, Kathy Sproul Bottjen and Sammie (Karen) Sproul Rasmussen, and to my sisters-in-law, Jan Mullikin Sproul and Kathy Fevig Sproul, for their example of love and mothering to their children.  I love you too!

For all of us today, may we identify those women who have been mothers to us, whether biological or not.  Happy Mothers Day!!!

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