Wednesday, May 31, 2017

First 2017 "Wow" Seedling

Having bred roses now for almost 30 years, I have learned that one shouldn't get excited about rose seedlings in their first year.  Most rose seedlings, even the ones that look great in the early seedling stage have something that disqualifies them later on from further scrutiny.  Ultimately, the vast majority of seedling roses are discarded.

There are always a couple however, that get my attention on seeing their first bloom without even trying.  Although I resist, I am taken aback and can't help but say "wow!"  This seedling did that for me.

It is a cross of a proprietary Hulthemia seed parent with 'Shining Moment'.  I planted several hundred seeds from this cross and although there are others in this family that I am watching, at the moment, this seedling stands out.  It's larger size is demonstrated in the photos that follow.  And it is fragrant!


  1. Beautiful Jim! The name that came to me is
    ' You Touched Me '. .

    1. Thank you Joan! There are several in this family that I like. Mature habit/cleanliness will determine which one "wins" to survive to the next stage. :)

  2. I'm glad you gave us a first look at one of your prospect rose and maybe years from now if the stars alien and this rose go to market I;ll look back and remember this.