Friday, September 4, 2015

'Knock Out'® Grandchild

The seedling shown below is also a new 2015 seedling and is of a similar coloring as the rose mentioned in the last post.  Looking closely at the photo, you may notice that it even has a few speckles.  Unlike the seedling mentioned in the previous post, this seedling has quite a lot of thorns.  However, I am probably more excited about this seedling as compared to the last, because it has the 'Knock Out'® rose as one of it's grandparents.  'Knock Out'® confers excellent blackspot resistance to many of it's seedlings.  Though this seedling is two generations away from 'Knock Out'®, I am hopeful that some of the improved disease resistance will remain.  I think this seedling would be a great choice to cross with the "Speckled Hulthemia" in the last post.  What do you think?!


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  2. Hello, please talk with some local rose nurseries. They will be able to give you advice for your local conditions.

  3. That cross would be interesting I have a name for you, freckle juice :) I love the book as well as the look of your Speckled Hulthemia.