Sunday, June 8, 2014

Enjoying Seedling Photos With The Camera+ App

I've come to rely on my iPhone camera for most of the photos that I take, but I have been frustrated with the autofocus feature preventing me from choosing my focal point especially when doing close-up photos of new seedlings.  The Camera+ App, at only $1.99 has been a great add-on App for the iPhone camera.

This first photo demonstrates the ability to focus through closer leaves to the center of the seedling bloom, producing an image with crisp anthers.

Here are some other new 2014 seedling photos.

'Singin' in the Rain' X 'First Impression':

'Gemini' X 'First Impression':

'Darlow's Enigma' X "Mixed 2013 Hulthemia seedling pollen":

And yes, just like it's seed parent, the above seedling is fragrant and blooms a ton (has been nearly continuously in bloom from the very first blooms).

The next seedling resulted from a cross of a 2011 Hulthemia seedling with 'Eyes For You'. It is the only 'Eyes For You' seedling that I have kept, but looks to be a good one and is fragrant.

The last photos are of two of my favorite 2014 seedlings, the first coming from a cross of "O212-1" X "Q247-3", and the final photo of a seedling from a cross of "N159-5" X "Q62-1".

The last seedling appears to be thornless, a trait that comes from it's grandparent "Basye's Thornless".  I especially like the clarity of this photo where not only the anthers are clearly in focus, but so is the fuzz on the inside of the reflexing sepal.  I can hardly believe that the Camera+ App only cost $1.99 (this is not an advertisement by the way!)  I'm looking forward to having more fun with my iPhone camera.


  1. Beautiful blooms and excellent photos. Color and sharpness is spot on. So convenient to just pull out your phone and snapping a quick picture with excellent quality.

  2. Thanks Dave! These newer phones and apps have definitely made photo-documenting much easier!

  3. Oh, the Darlow's Enigma seedling pic is gorgeous! The shot is so crisp of the stamens! Thanks for the app tip.

  4. Thank you Aprille! I am extremely happy with the better clarity that this app provides.