Sunday, April 13, 2014

A Few 2013 Hulthemias Seen Outside

Each spring, I look forward to seeing how the surviving seedlings, from the year before, perform outside of the greenhouse.  There are always surprises.  Some seedlings do better than expected, while others really fall apart badly from weather and disease.  Here are a few that have looked good.

The first photo below is of a miniature that blooms quite a lot.  The bloom on the left is the older "faded" bloom.  I think that the color seems to improve as it ages.  The blooms hold for several days and hold that aged color without browning.  It seems to want to sort of flow, so I am wondering how it might look in a hanging basket.

The next seedling is a cross of 'Midnight Blue' X "N159-5", a Hulthemia seedling.  It is actually much more purple than the photos shows.  I suspect that when the plant fills out, it will get rather large.

The next 2 seedlings are Hulthemia crosses with 'Darlow's Enigma'.  Both appear to have early signs of having good floriferousness similar to 'Darlow's Enigma'.  My favorite so far is the second seedling below.  It has very dark foliage to contrast with the white blooms. In the last photo, there is a new shoot having 65 buds on it.  Looks like a good sign for lots of blooming power.


  1. That Midnight Blue cross is spectacular!

  2. The white with darkest green leaves, simply stunning!

  3. They are all beautiful, but the last one is really exciting with it's red stems, matching edging on the dark leaves against the multitude of buds. It looks like a stary night.

  4. Yes, that one with the dark leaves is spectacular!

  5. Thank you for all of the nice comments! Since these are still young plants, it will be interesting to see how they mature.

  6. Midnight Blue' X "N159-5" looks amazing! The rest are certainly not slackers by any stretch.
    Andrew Grover