Sunday, April 7, 2013

Same Rose, Inside and Out

This is a rose that I really like.  It was a seedling from 4 years ago and was from a cross of 'Pearl Sanford' X ('Gemini' X 'First Impression').  Since finding out that it set hips well and that the seeds germinated very well, I decided to use it in the greenhouse for the last couple of years.  This year I put it outside the greenhouse to make more room inside for other newer seed parents.  I am still using it as a seed parent, but found out that I like it even more outside.  And it's fragrant.

Inside the greenhouse.

Outside the greenhouse.


  1. hy,Beautifull Hybrid rose but do you sell that both of rose seed???
    i want it///

  2. The pink compliments the yellow. Fragrance. That's a bonus.

  3. Hi Edi, Thank you. This rose is not on the market. I just use it for breeding new roses.

    Hi Dave, Thank you. I guess that I had forgotten what this one looked like outside since I had used it so much in the greenhouse as a seed parent. The phototropic effect is usually not visible inside the greenhouse. Yes, fragrance is like frosting on the cake - plain cake is not near as good!

    1. Will you be selling this one?! Is it Family Holiday?

  4. Hi Ty, no this one will not be marketed. It is not 'Family Holiday', though it has the same seed parent ('Pearl Sanford'). I initially liked this rose very much, but it lacked vigor, so it was ultimately discarded.