Saturday, March 2, 2013

Summer Already?!

Well today the temperature hit 82º F in Bakersfield.  The warmer weather is really helping to push the growth of the new seedlings along.  Germination is slowing down, but the tiny seedlings are starting to add leaves and will soon be producing flower buds.

The final count for germination today was 15,049.  Although a few more will germinate over the next couple of weeks, as the temperatures warm up germination will come to a complete halt.


  1. Looking very healthy and clean.

  2. Thanks Dave.

    There is no powdery mildew yet, however, as the daytime temps go up with cool nighttime temps persisting, it will become a factor and will help to direct my culling. The first blooms are just "around the corner" - the best time of the year!

  3. Hey,Jim i have had watched all of your rose in this blog...
    there are such as a amazing hybrid new rose...

    actually, i have bought 2 packages of rose seed : 10 seed blue rose,and 5 seed Rainbow Rose from local online shop in Indonesia.Coz i live in Indonesia...
    that all seeds i have been cold stratification for 3 month, and i was surprise for 7 weeks in Refrigerator 1 of 5 Rose rainbow has sprout,and another still slept included Blue Rose...
    and I just Plant Them Feb,25 2013 until Today, and their still not sprout...
    In My Head ,i am Thinking could be take a litlle bit longer or failed..

    Thank For Your Feedback