Saturday, February 23, 2013

Seed Parents In

Today I finished bringing the 2013 seeds parents into the greenhouse.  I will be using at least this many additional seed parents outdoors, however, I like to bring the ones that I will be mainly focusing on into the greenhouse.

The seedlings are continuing to sprout at a very rapid pace.  Today there were 13,392.  You may be wondering, "did he really count them all?"  Well not quite.  For the early germinators, I just counted the seedlings that had clearly sprouted since I last counted them.  However, for the later germinating groups I did count them all.  I will probably only do one more count - and that will only be of seedling lots that still haven't germinated well.  So why count them at all?  Each year I like to evaluate germination rates especially of seedlings that set hips well that I haven't used for breeding yet.  Since germination rates are sometimes 0% even when hundreds of seeds are planted of a particular variety, I do not want to waste time doing crosses on those roses.

The rose forest is beginning to grow.

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  1. Do you try to stratificate two times or not at once? I'm not expert about roses but some species needs two stratification like Rosa canina if I have good inforamtion.