Sunday, April 16, 2017

Happy Easter Morning!

This seedling bloomed for the very first time on Easter morning, ten years ago.  That morning it was nicknamed "Easter Morning".  I keep very few seedlings for that long, but this one with it's intense sunrise coloration and excellent disease resistance, has stood the test of time. 

Central to Christian belief, Easter morning is all about hope - hope in forgiveness for our sins and hope in life after death, all of this as a result of Jesus' death and resurrection (the full story of Jesus' life, death and resurrection can be found in the short book of John in the Bible).

Roses, and in particular this one, remind me of a bright hope for tomorrow, of joy and happiness, and of all things beautiful.  I hope that the roses that I share give you a bit of joy and happiness, especially today!


  1. Thank you for taking this opportunity to share the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. As always you are doing a remarkable job! I did not find this rose listed on HMF, did I overlook it?

  2. Thank you David! I have too many seedlings to put them all on HMF.