Sunday, December 11, 2016

2016 Basye's Second Generation Seedlings

I am surprised at how quickly bloom form and color has improved in just 2 generations from Basye's Thornless (AKA Basye's Legacy and Commander Gillette).  Since Basye's Thornless is a pink, 5-petalled, once blooming rose, I thought that it would be several generations before I would see these sort of offspring.  I am getting fully double blooms, colors other than pink, and some with form.  I'm glad I started using it again! 


  1. Beautiful roseflowers.
    have a wonderful day.

  2. How is the thornless quality being passed along?

    1. Hi Sally, a few of the seedlings are completely thornless like "Basye's Thornless", but most have some thorns and show up even more in subsequent generations. I think that it is a matter of continued selection to keep thornlessness going.

  3. Wow thats fantastic, I would have thought it would take many more generations to improve the petal count not to mention the lovely form! Of course I love the soft yellow rose.