Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Decimation at the Sproul Rose Farm

It had to be done.  Over the years, despite continuous culling, the number of survivors grew too much.  Most years, during this time of the year when we are getting ready to pot up the new surviving seedlings, I will select 200-250 of the older outdoor potted seedlings for culling (we try to give most of them away).  This year however, instead of selecting roses to cull, I decided to select about 200 of the best roses to keep.

We have a total of 18 watering lines outdoors, each line waters 38-40 pots.  This year we cleared 11 of the 18 lines in order to make room for new rose seedlings.

Below are some of the older roses that I selected to keep.

The remaining roses were moved around to open up complete lines so that the new 2014 seedlings can be kept altogether.

The Sproul Rose Farm is looking very differently from what it looked like a couple of years ago at peak bloom (see Peak Bloom at the Sproul Rose Farm).

Shown below is one of the newest seedlings (from 2014) that will be potted up and planted outside in the next few weeks.  Culling is one of the hardest things to do when hybridizing roses, especially of the longstanding survivors.  Fortunately, most of them will find new homes.


  1. Jim, how are you going to choose the lucky recipients of the culled plants? Any chance the some will be made available for pick-up? I would like to try to extend your breeding line with a couple of the culls. And Fresno is just a couple of hours drive to Bakersfield.
    The photo of one of the newest 2014 seedlings is lovely and it looks like the colorations that I would be anxious to purchase if it ever comes to market.

  2. Hi John, I sent you an email. The new seedling above has 'Blue For You' in it. I am very happy with what I am seeing coming out of that rose.

  3. My heart sank when I read "decimation", thinking oh no Jims beauties were destroyed by some unknow disease. Good to see that wasnt the case. Cant wait to see the rebirth pictures of new seedlings.