Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Invisible Revealed

Last year I made several crosses onto some of my best Hulthemia seed parents with many of Will Radler's black spot resistant varieties - 'Knock Out', 'Double Knock Out', 'White Out', 'Sunny Knock Out' and 'Milwaukee Calitrava'.  Among these, were many fewer seedlings exhibiting blotches than is usual, and that made me think that somehow these cleaner varieties were "resistant" to exhibiting the blotch. 

As previously mentioned in this blog, the Hulthemia blotch intensifies in cooler weather and as expected for October, we have been having much cooler weather over the last month.  Well, what was invisible is now visible, albeit extremely subtle.  I kept this seedling not for its blotch (because I didn't think that it had one), but for its cleanliness and floriferousness.  I had thought that it might make an improved 'White Out'.  In fact I was disappointed when it first bloomed and didn't have a blotch.  Now, in the cooler weather, if you look very closely, you can see that it does in fact have a blotch and will therefore be able to pass along the blotch in further breeding.

I'm glad that I kept this seedling.  Would you keep it?


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  2. It's very pretty. I have always loved growing roses, and have enjoyed reading some of your posts on hybridizing. It's something I've thought about doing for a long time. I'm not sure I ever will, but it seems like a great hobby! I think the hardest part for me, besides the patience and consistency it takes to go through the whole process from start to finish, would be the decisions of which ones to cull! I'd end up with way too many roses! Thanks for sharing all your hard work on this blog, and I'm looking forward to reading more. And who knows, maybe one day, Lord willing, I'll give it a shot!