Saturday, September 22, 2012

Best 2012 Hulthemia Seedling

Though only time will truly tell whether this seedling is really good, this one appears to be the best new Hulthemia seedling from the 2012 growing season. As previously discussed, blotch size increases and intensifies as Hulthemia seedlings mature. This photo was taken when the seedling was only about 6 months old. I expect that the blotch will be even better next spring.

The parentage includes ‘Cal Poly’ crossed with a Hulthemia seedling on the seed parent side, and the pollen parent was from a mix of Hulthemia pollen coming from the best Hulthemia seedlings of last year. Because of its plant habit and clusters of blooms, I suspect that the pollen parent was O225-1 (a photo of this seedling can be seen in the previous post).


  1. Those sunset colors are stunning.

  2. Thank you Aprille and Marsha! These colors are more challenging to get, so I was very happy when this seedling made it's appearance.

  3. Did you manage to grow it to commercial potential ? It is a rare color & pattern and looks stunning. Great work, Jim !