Thursday, March 22, 2012

First seedling to bloom 2012

The first seedling for the 2012 season has bloomed (yesterday).  Today it was culled.  That is the fate of 80% of the new seedlings on their first bloom.  Ideally, each seedling would be grown on for 2-3 years outside the greenhouse to see how they fared in the elements - exposed to weather, bugs, and disease, but space limitations necessitate early decision making.  I hope that I don't make as many mistakes as I did last year.

As seen below, this first seedling was a Hulthemia.  However, with such a small blotch and lack of vigor it did not make the "first cut".

There are many other new seedlings with new buds about to bloom for the first time.  Some of these will be kept for further evaluation.

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