Friday, June 10, 2011

The Effect of Petal Count on Hulthemia Bloom Presentation

Just like regular roses, Hulthemias come in all types of bloom forms - there are singles, to semidoubles, all the way up to hundred petal types.  In working with these, I have seen that the single petal blooms, those having 5 petals, provide the clearest, unobstructed view of the blotch.

While those with many petals, can hide the blotch altogether.

In these, the blotch is only visible by removing the petals.

For me, the most attractive presentation of the blotch is seen in semidouble style blooms, where there are only 10 to 20 petals.

What do you think?


  1. I think they're beautiful, Jim. Just beautiful. I'm wondering. How do they handle heat and humidity and lack of cold and dormancy?

  2. Hi Sherry,

    Thank you. Regarding different climatic conditions, I guess I really don't know what they can handle. The newer hybrids behave very much like roses, for what it's worth.

  3. Number one and three! Just gorgeous! I would grow either or both! My personal fave is probably #3, in this photo series!

  4. While my favorite roses are very double, I think you are right about the semi-double making the best presentation and affect of the Hulthemia blotch. I'm just amazed to see the wide variety of expression you are coming up with.

  5. Thank you Rev! In the Hulthemia seedlings, I seem more drawn to these too. The singles, though interesting, don't seem as attractive and rose-like.