Monday, May 30, 2011

The Tiniest Hulthemia

This is by far the smallest Hulthemia seedling that I have grown.  The height of the plant is not as tall as the thickness of my hand.  There are two open blooms, a third bloom opening, and a 4th bud about to open.  I cannot yet tell whether or not there will be a blotch.  Even so, just for the sake of it's novelty, I will continue to watch this one as long as it survives. At least it won't take up that much extra room!


  1. It IS! So, ya gonna bud it? hehehe Kim

  2. That really is extremely small. I know this would be asking alot but could you possibly get a close-up of the blotch on this one....LOL!
    Seriously though, there a blotch?

  3. Thanks Song!

    Kim you are funny - though I do like your idea of putting it on a 4 inch tree!

    Reflections, I haven't seen a blotch, but the petals are so small, I am not surprised. If it survives, I will hold it until next year to check, as blotches always are more pronounced after their first year.

  4. Hey, is this little guy still living?

    Seems to be a hard opponent for "Si", "Hello", "Moti" and so on :D

    Er, autumn I'm going to visit the USA... is i possible to get a persica(or persica-hybrid) from you? Because in Europe it's very hard to get... and i prefer your seedlings to "Eyes for you" etc ;)

  5. That is the smallest rose I have ever seen. It's amazing!

  6. 5 ans après esque cette merveille, vie touhjours??.??