Sunday, April 3, 2011

2011 Seedling Update - Seedlings About to Bloom

The 2 seedlings from the last post are again pictured below.  The first bud of the first seedling turns out to be a bud where one of the sepals was trying to become a leaflet.  I usually snap these kind of buds off because the bloom is typically mishapened, making it more difficult to properly judge the bloom.  In this case however, I decided to let the bud develop to show the progression from bud to bloom.  As I mentioned in the previous post, this is from a Hulthemia cross, even so, chances are that there will not be a blotch, or if there is a blotch, it is likely to be a smaller blotch since only one of the parents is a Hulthemia.  I have noted that blotches are usually bigger and more intense when both parents are Hulthemias.

The next photo is again of the second seedling in the previous post and is not a Hulthemia.  It will be interesting to see whether it has fully double blooms like the mother (seed parent), or is a single like the father (pollen parent).  The pollen parent has been exceptionally clean, so I hope that there will be some seedlings from this cross with better cleanliness than 'Pearl Sanford', the seed parent.  

I expect both seedlings to bloom in the upcoming week, so check back here again next week if you want to see whether they are culled!


  1. I would think that this must be a time of great anticipation for you. I'm excited for you and I don't have all the time and effort invested that you do.

  2. Hi Scott,

    Yes, this is a great time of the year. The seedlings have started to bloom and several have already been culled. There have been 2 nice looking mini Hulthemias that have shown up too!